Mexican Standoff at Amnesia.

Two big names on the Ibiza club scene, Amnesia and DJ Luciano, have yet to resolve their differences after a contentious tweet issued by Amnesia, stating that Origins By Luciano would be returning, was published on April 28 last. Neither party has issued any further comment and the two sides look deadlocked, with both unwilling to budge on their original  positions. On the ground in Ibiza, speculation is suggesting that Luciano will not be returning to Amnesia, instead committing to Space and the Pacha owned Destino. His management team remain steadfast in their view that nothing was confirmed with Amnesia and with nearly 2 weeks passing, it is unlikely that any amicable resolution will be found, as Amnesia have yet to remove the offending tweet that Luciano claimed was untrue.

After the failure of the Amnesia owned Cova Santa to get off the ground last season,  club politics could well be involved here. There would be no love lost between Pacha and Amnesia and with Space coming under the management of the Matutes Group next year, relations would be highly competitive between the three big players on the island. Pacha and the Matutes Group would be the traditional power brokers on the island, with Amnesia viewed by some, as the new kid on the block. Each club will be keen to protect their DJ assets and after making a bid to take Solomun from Pacha, Amneisa are now in danger of loosing Luciano to Space.

Mar T Amnesia 
Business is business in Ibiza and if you want to play in the big leagues, then be prepared to swim in shark invested waters. With a renewed vigor and determination from the powerful Matutes group, the heat in the kitchen of island club politics, will no doubt be turned up in the seasons ahead. If Amnesia win this skirmish and secure the services of Luciano, it will be seen as a victory for the San Rafel club and its owner, Martin Ferrer, who's son Mar T is responsible for dealing with DJ's and promoters. The incident is still very much a hot issue on the island and one that has the potential to explode if not handled properly. All eyes will be watching as to who will blink first and at present, Luciano is looking the cooler in this Mexican standoff. But as they say about Shark infested waters, its not the ones you see that you should worry about, its the ones you can't see.