What House For Defected.

After one of its most unfortunate seasons ever on the island of Ibiza, the Defected Party, which was founded by Simon Dunmore in 1999, is set for some hard decisions, if it is to remain a relevant player on the Ibiza club circuit. A spokesperson for Defected, has stated that the party is not looking for a new home and that for now, it will remain at Booom for the 2014 summer season. With legal challenges hanging over the future of the premises currently trading as Booom nightclub, Defected will have to make a decision sooner rather than later, as to its future plans for Ibiza. Long regarded as one of the best house parties on the island, Defected, will need to be on its toes, if it is to keep up with the fast changing trends of the islands musical landscape. For the first time in well over a decade, House Music is under threat from other dance genres, most notably techno. Last summer in Ibiza, all the trendy, marketed DJ's, were firmly leaning towards a techno sound, which is now becoming more mainstream. Techno today, is a lot different from what is was over a decade ago. For a start, it was harder and more industrial than its trendier feel is now and reflects the crossover styles that Ibiza is famous for. Minimal, Deep and Funky tech, are the variations of techno that have been most popular in Ibiza over the last few years, primarily driven by the sound that was coming out of the Cocoon party at Amnesia. Two of the islands most popular DJ's this season were Marco Carola and Richie Hawtin - both introduced to Ibiza through Cocoon.

After its original Disco feel, Defected at Pacha was starting to veer towards a deep Tech sound, before Pacha decided that it wanted a more commercial, fun night on Saturdays. They introduced the Pure Pacha party which worked out great for them, but not so good for Defected, who had to find a new home at Booom after initial rumours they were going to Space. Their move to Booom was most likely influenced by Danny Whittles good relationship with Simon Dunmore, but as the ex-Pacha manager is no longer involved with Booom, Defected, may have to re-evaluate their relationship with the club and keep their options open for 2014. Already, rumours circulating on social media outlets in Ibiza suggest that Defected will  move to the Space terrace for next season, but these have been denied by Defected, which is par for the course when dealing with the press on such sensitive matters. After a few PR boo boos of their own making last season, Defected will have to tread carefully as its not in a position to make more mistakes with regard to its Brand. A ship of its age, needs to sail calm waters and requires a home port that is consistent, deep and sheltered from uncertainty and change, which should allow it to do what it does best - being a good party.

Will that port be Booom, Space or somewhere else....this is the decision that the crew of Defected now have to make. It wont be an easy one but its a vital decision for the future of its brand. The calm waters that Defected once enjoyed at Pacha, are now becoming increasingly difficult to find, as a new wave of change sweeps the island. Space, will be a different club by 2016, so a home there has positives and negatives, maybe good for the short-term, but who knows what the long term vision of the new direction at Space will be. It is rumoured that the landlord of Space, owns the terrestrial rights to the Space brand while the international rights, belong to the current tenant. For my two cents on the matter, I would think a move to San Antonio may be a direction that will prove the healthiest long term option for Defected. A close relation of Defected, Hed Kandi, does all-right at Es Paradis, as it attracts a more mature and seasoned clubber, plus its a fun party, something that Defected was when it first arrived on the island. If it can find a balance between fun and trendy and take itself a little less seriously, then Defected could find San Antonio its natural home. Whatever happens, one thing that we can be sure of, is that Ibiza without Defected, would be be a poorer place to be. Watch this space for any further developments on this story......