Trends For Ibiza 2013 - Part I.

One thing that you can always say about Ibiza, is that it rarely becomes stale. Just when you think things are getting tired, along comes something new and fresh to invigorate the Island. There still of course, will be the boring, conservative and financially driven organisations, that pretend to promote the Island, but in fact, are only interested in selling Ibiza product, tickets and advertising for their own self interests. They create nothing freely, except for the arrogant and distasteful fumes that emerge from their well oiled exhausts. Ibiza 2013 seems set to welcome the first wave of change, as momentous developments start to emerge. In this blog, we preview some of the places, parties and people, that we expect to light up the Ibiza landscape for 2013. Join us in Part II for more.


Able Matutes the new face of Ushuaia
Under the stewardship of a new generation of the Matutes family, Ushuaia, looks set to be bigger and better in 2013. Each year, its ambition grows, as it assimilates old projects into its collective. First the old Fiesta Club Playa Den Bossa, which became Ushuaia in 2011, and now the Hotel Playa Den Bossa, which will be redesigned to be unveiled as, The Ushuaia Tower, in 2013. On a previous blog, we touched on Ushuaia's courtship of Space, as its next project for 2014. Its all part of a grand master plan, that Ushuaia have for the whole resort of Playa Den Bossa, 80%, of which they own. Its a plan that is marketed towards a more upmarket clientèle, and visitors to the resort this year, will notice an increase in price for rooms there. Its now ironic, that the "Bossa Crew" who used to mock San Antonio, for what they regarded as a "chavvy" resort, may now have to room there, as Bossa grows out of their price range and becomes a playground for the wealthy. Expect all the big name, emerging DJ talent and musical acts to gravitate there, as the resort becomes the centre of the Islands clubbing and party scene. Wealthy American, Russian and International holidaymakers will lead the way.

Danny Whittle.

Danny with Ibiza Rocktronic partners Pete and Sino
Our old friend Danny Whittle, will be a big name to watch on the Ibiza scene for 2013. An integral part of Pacha for many years, Danny, will hopefully realise a personal ambition and open his own club on the Island soon. The venue he has earmarked, is the long retired Heaven club, which is located only a stones throw from his old office window at Pacha. The name will change, and just to show that I am supportive of the new concept, I will put forward "Eclesiastico" as a suggestion for the new branding. It is important that people with vision and drive are allowed the space to be creative and one would hope that Danny, gets a well earned opportunity to showcase his talents in 2013. He will have a job on his hands with the Ibiza 123 Rocktronic festival, as the jury remains out on its verdict about the success of the festival last year. A few lessons will hopefully have been learnt and the Festival can only be good news for the Island, if it gets the product right. Fingers crossed that it will break through in 2013. The International Music Summit (IMS) which Danny is also involved in, will remain a permanent fixture on the Ibiza clubbing landscape, as it benefits and showcases the Island to the world. 2013 will be a big year for Danny Whittle and expect his name to be trending as much as any famous DJ name this summer. We wish him the best, and hopefully he might come on and do an interview with us, if he ever decides to leave his fans over at Ibiza Spotlight.


Ibiza should always be an Island where people are allowed to be creative and experiment with music, culture and new ideas. Last season Richie Hawtin and his team at Space, left many of the Islands clubs sitting, as they sprung from the blocks and launched a technically clever and creative marketing campaign, that was backed up by an equally adept product and atmosphere inside Space, which still remains the best club on the Island. Both the promotion and location worked like a hand and glove, putting together the best party of the year, some achievement for its first season on the Island. Expect more, from a talented group of people this summer, as they build and establish themselves as Ibiza's premier night in 2013. Its sure to attract the wannabes and pretenders this season as word gets out about its energy and vibe. It will be the place to be in Ibiza this summer, with the Opening party kicking off, on American Independence Day, July 4th, the same day as SHM launched last season at Ushuaia. More than a coincidence in my opinion.... but that's another story in itself. Make sure to check out the slick video below, to get a flavour of the fresh Enter Style and creativity.

Join us again soon, as we bring you Part II of the Trends For Ibiza 2013 preview.